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Hello, dear guests! My name is Daniel. I was born and grew up in Kyrgyzstan. I invite you to see with me the most picturesque corners of this country, the high-mountain gorges, caves carved into the rocks, high-mountain lakes, the most beautiful Jailo (graveyard). I will meet you with the national cuisine, with the legends and traditions of the Kyrgyz people. In addition to the one-day tours, I can create for you an individual or group multi-day program, and if you would like, I can meet you and take you to the airport. I am sure that none of you will leave Kyrgyzstan indifferent, and you will want to return here more. I offer you the services of a guide, driver, and translator.

Tel: +996 550 50 59 77, WhatsApp: +996 550 50 59 77, senior-danil.romanow@yandex.ru

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